How Can Your Business Benefit With Solar Panels

Any size and type of business can benefit from solar panels on the roof of their building. Both building owners and tenants have lots to gain after installing solar PV.

Building owner

If you are an owner occupier you can use the clean energy you generate from your solar panels onsite and considerably reduce your energy bills by 50% or more. In 2016 business who have installed solar panels are on average seeing a 14% ROI and payback 6-8 years. The move towards becoming energy self-sufficient reduces your reliance on the prices of the big energy Companies so your business will be protected from future prices rises, as with solar panels, you have effectively forward bought your energy at a set cost of around 5 to 6 pence per unit for the next 25 years.

If you are a commercial property owner with a tenant then you can add enormous value to your roof space. You can pass on a % of the electricity savings to the tenant, earn money from the Feed in Tariff and sell any unused energy back to the grid. Solar PV also helps attract new tenants and can improve relationships with existing ones.

Tenant of a commercial property

If you are a tenant and would like to take advantage of the benefits solar PV provides then your landlord installing solar can be mutually beneficial. You can both gain from the major financial savings as well as significantly reducing your carbon footprint by using clean green energy. If installing roof top solar is not an option, solar carports could be an alternative. They are easier to relocate and generate solar energy which can either be used on site or for charging electric vehicles as well as reducing your building’s electricity bill.

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