Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Panels For Industrial Buildings


Financial savings

Businesses installing solar panels on their industrial buildings have a lot to gain financially. With Solar PV any type of company can half their electricity costs to around 5 pence per unit as well as earning over 4 pence per unit from the FiT subsidy. The rate you receive from Feed in Tariff is set for 20 years from the date you install the solar panels. What’s more, any unused energy can be exported to the grid which you can expect to receive around 5 pence per unit for. With installations costs falling, return on investment is 11-16% or more and complete payback is 6-9 years, solar PV is an investment worth serious consideration.

Going Green

Solar panels create clean renewable energy for your business to use on site. You can monitor how much electricity you are producing and consuming and then these statistics can be used in your CSR report and to promote your green credentials

Reducing your company’s carbon foot print

Solar energy helps companies avoid thousands of tonnes of C02 emissions each year and therefore reduces your carbon footprint.

Installations are fully customisable

Installing Solar panels on your rooftop doesn’t have to mean installing a huge system. Commercial solar panels start at 4kw systems or more. The kW amount you install depends on your energy requirements. Installers can avoid skylights and chimneys.

Low maintenance

Because solar panels have no moving parts there is very little maintenance required. Once a year you should get your panels professional cleaned.

Energy security

A well designed solar PV system can help a business become energy independent. This means you can reduce your reliance on the national grid who are already taking measures to prevent blackouts. Solar offers your business energy security at a fixed rate.



The initial installation costs are high but they have significantly reduced over the last 5 years. After installation there are immediate savings on energy costs which can often cover any financing costs of funding the capital costs of installation. Lenders are happy to finance Solar PV systems and with ROI rates of 11-16% solar PV is a low risk investment with significant returns.

Weather dependent

Solar energy is still generated on an overcast rainy day but it’s not as much as a sunny day. When a reputable solar PV installer provides you with output predictions for your solar installation these figures will take into consideration the climate of the UK and provide conservative predictions. If using high quality solar panels, in most cases these panels perform better than predictions.